So today I counted down the top 5 television shows from my youth.  I added the bottom 5 for good measure but really the exercise was to bring back memories of my childhood.  The shows I picked reminded me of an easier time when the struggles of the world weren't a concern.  They also reminded me of time spent with my parents and sister.  It's these memories that I'll always carry with me.  I feel that it's important to look back sometimes so that you don't forget your childhood.  I never want to forget sitting on the end of my parents bed watching St. Elsewhere every Wednesday night.  I don't want to forget Knight Rider and how awesome it was to get a replica of KITT for Christmas.  I don't want to forget my sister making fun of me while I watched the Dukes of Hazzard. 

The shows listed in my top 10 aren't necessarily the best shows on during the 80's but the memories I have are what makes them the best shows ever.  I challenge all of you that actually read this blog to create your own top 10 and remember the memories that make them top 10.

For those that may have missed the top 10 I will list them below.

1 - CHiPs

2 - Airwolf

3 - Tour of Duty

4 - Knight Rider

5 - Street Hawk

6 - St. Elsewhere

7 - A-Team

8 - Fall Guy

9 - Dukes of Hazzard

10 - Hill Street Blues

Join me next week when I countdown the top 10 arcade games.  These are games actually played in an arcade and not on a home system.