From a very young age I have loved the outdoors.  I wanted to be outside as much as I could and experience all this world has to give.  Travel to locations that no one has gone before and view things that no one has seen.

While I haven’t traveled to far off locations, I can experience the beauty of nature right here.  It was only recently that I began to chronicle what I was seeing through photography.  I began to share my photos on social media and various websites.  I also began to refine my skills, a process that continues and will continue until I no longer take photographs.

Using my lens I attempt to display the beauty and splendor of the world around us as I see it.  I don’t want to direct the viewer towards a certain emotion but rather let their own emotions come out through their own discovery of what they see in my images.

The focus has been on sunrises and sunsets, I feel that these two daily events bring out the most emotion.  The beauty of these events can shape the events of the person experiencing that sunrise or sunset.  It can provide a path to joy or despair, it’s truly in the eye of the beholder.

I have also mixed in various other landscapes and wildlife; these are done to also elicit an emotion within the viewer.  My overall goal through all of my photography is to let others see what I see and let them experience their own journey, to spark emotion that will lead the viewer on a pathway to be creative and connect with the world around them.  Hopefully they begin to chronicle the beauty they see on a daily basis and share with others. 

We all see things differently and it’s up to us to share those discoveries with others.