So today I counted down the top 5 television shows from my youth.  I added the bottom 5 for good measure but really the exercise was to bring back memories of my childhood.  The shows I picked reminded me of an easier time when the struggles of the world weren't a concern.  They also reminded me of time spent with my parents and sister.  It's these memories that I'll always carry with me.  I feel that it's important to look back sometimes so that you don't forget your childhood.  I never want to forget sitting on the end of my parents bed watching St. Elsewhere every Wednesday night.  I don't want to forget Knight Rider and how awesome it was to get a replica of KITT for Christmas.  I don't want to forget my sister making fun of me while I watched the Dukes of Hazzard. 

The shows listed in my top 10 aren't necessarily the best shows on during the 80's but the memories I have are what makes them the best shows ever.  I challenge all of you that actually read this blog to create your own top 10 and remember the memories that make them top 10.

For those that may have missed the top 10 I will list them below.

1 - CHiPs

2 - Airwolf

3 - Tour of Duty

4 - Knight Rider

5 - Street Hawk

6 - St. Elsewhere

7 - A-Team

8 - Fall Guy

9 - Dukes of Hazzard

10 - Hill Street Blues

Join me next week when I countdown the top 10 arcade games.  These are games actually played in an arcade and not on a home system.

Realy For Life

Like most of us, I know too many people whose lives have been touched by cancer. That’s why I’ve joined with the American Cancer Society to help save lives by participating in a Relay For Life event.  

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life program is about so much more than just walking around a track overnight. At Relay for Life events, we celebrate loved ones who have won their battle against cancer, remember those who are no longer with us, and fight back against this disease that takes so much from so many.

I will be participating on June 9, 2013 and would appreciate your support with an online donation toward my fundraising goal. In addition to funding lifesaving research, every dollar raised helps the American Cancer Society provide services to cancer patients in need, like providing rides to treatment for those who don’t have transportation of their own.

Thank you so much for your support. Together, we are saving lives from cancer and creating a world with more birthdays!

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If you follow me on Twitter you know that I like to post new music I find on Bandcamp.  I worked in a record store for ten years and enjoy music.  I still try to download/purchase at least one new band a week.  I don't get out to concerts as much as I once did but music is an important part of my life.  If I had not worked at the record store I would have never met my beautiful wife.  I thought for this post I would share my top 5 concerts and ask you to share yours.  These are in no particular order

Neil Diamond - Omaha Civic Auditorium, This was the first concert I attended with my wife.  Neil is a guilty pleasure and she indulged me by attending with me.

Depeche Mode - Dallas, TX - My wife and I saw them about a year before we got married.

Frank Black - Ranch Bowl - Omaha,NE - I am a Pixies fan and to see Frank Black was a thrill.

Radiohead - Sprint Center - Kansas City, MO - Absolutely the best audio/visual experience I have had at a concert.

Bob Mould - Ranch Bowl - Omaha, NE - This was an acoustic show and it was amazing.

Honorable Mention - Smashing Pumpkins, U2, The Samples, Helmet, Crystal Method, Pearl Jam, Coldplay, and Reverend Horton Heat. There are too many others to list.


I would like to thank you for taking time out of your day to visit my site.  As I continue my journey into the world of photography I ask that you also come along for the ride.  I will use this blog to keep you updated on locations I have shot at and any interesting travels I have taken.

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